About Us

Dawakosh.com comes from a family of medical professionals having experience of more than 105 years in the industry. The family business of medicines was established in 1912, and has since then acquired years of experience in manufacturing and administering medicine, in different therapies and forms.  

We believe that any human, should be able to get a treatment for his ailment, be it anywhere on the planet. While there are several therapies available, both mainstream western allopathic and less commercial alternative medicine. Recently, alternative medicine has emerged as complementary, and in some cases a replacement to western allopathic therapy. But alternative medicine is not easily discoverable, not easily relied upon, and there are grave issues of trust the entire industry faces.

In order to simplify this information gap, we started Dawakosh.com with a sole objective of enabling easier access to alternative methods of treatment. Literally meaning ‘Dawa’ or medicine, and ‘Kosh’ or treasury, we are India’s first and largest virtual alternative medicine platform. We are making a sincere attempt to bring on board as many therapies of medicines as there are.

Today, it is difficult to find genuine medicines, herbs and time tested authentic cures to solve even the most basic health issues. Hence our remedies, which combine nature with years of knowledge and experience, are made freely available to you. We are also working on blending cutting edge research on plant medicines with ancient scriptures, and verifying their effectiveness against their claims. 

All this is because our entire focus of operations is our users and their health. Health is the most precious thing and we understand that extremely well. That is why we have gone to innate lengths to collate information, discover cures, and figure out the most effective ones to be brought to you, at your doorstep.

For us, all that matters is your health. Nothing else does. 

Why Dawakosh.com

Dawakosh.com was created with an aim to simplify alternative medicine. Alternative medicine encompasses every treatment available on the planet other than western allopathic medicine. At the very outset, alternative medicine consists of therapies such as Ayurveda, Unani, Siddha etcetera. which are all plant based medical therapies practiced widely in India. Apart from Ayurveda, most of the other therapies are not known, not widely practiced or not easily discoverable. Our job is to simplify that.  

While for any ailment there could be several treatments available, there has been no effort in the past to collate and bring all of the treatments in one place. We have sincerely tried to do just that. Our major and only focus is your health, and getting even the rarest forms of treatment available to you as fast as we can.

In the digital age, finding information is very easy. However, validating the authenticity of the information about remedies, treatments and medicines is extremely difficult. Since academic research is not publicly available, there is no source which allows you to establish the reliability of the treatments proposed. At Dawakosh, you can review the medicines you take, which forces companies to think about the safety of the herbal products pushed in the market. We are trying to build a thriving community who rely on alternative medicine to help others and discuss whether or not a product or a remedy has worked for them.

Dawakosh.com is the most extensive directory of alternative medicine available anywhere, and there is a plethora of informational content available on the site. All the time tested and practiced remedies are free for access to our registered members. Registering on the site is really quick and easy and hardly takes a minute. To make navigating around easier, we have allowed saving of any remedy or any medicine directly into your account.

Committed to making alternative medicine more discoverable, we intend to keep bringing you the very best of treatments, from every nook and corner of the country to keep a healthy, happy you. 

Shopping at Dawakosh.com

We have tried our best to make shopping at this website as easy as it can be. The website is very easy to navigate, and you can search across any health concern, or a manufacturer, or a brand, or a therapy. All products and treatments related to a disease are given at one place, to enable you to decide better.

The products that are listed are all licensed, and we do quality checks at our end to ensure that fraudulent products are not listed or sold. We have partnered with several service providers to make transactions convenient for you. We have also made an easy one page checkout system. All the transactions can be centrally controlled from your account.

All this is because we at Dawakosh are committed to you and your convenience, and we have built this entire experience around it.

Should there be any concern regarding the experience, or any suggestion, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

Happy shopping!

If you can’t find what you are looking for, Don’t sweat, that’s our job, simply drop us an email at hello@dawakosh.com.