Return, Cancellation, Refund and Shipping Charges

We process correct shipment of your order in right conditions without any damage every time you place an order. At the time of delivery of shipment, we recommend to check it thoroughly. We are here to assist you or to resolve your concern if something went wrong with your order.

Return Means

'Return' means an action of giving back the product ordered at Dawakosh, by the buyer.  The situation may be (a) The product/s you received do not match your order;  (b) The product/s you received are near to its expiry date or Use before date (if any). For such returns if Expiry Date of use before date is less than 90 days on receiving date;  (c) Product/s delivered in damaged condition (damaged in transit). If shipping package is in damaged condition while you receive, please don’t accept delivery of such consignment; (d) If shipping package is in good condition but any product/s inside the package is/are received in damaged condition, such product/s are eligible for return to be replaced or for refund. The product/s eligible for replacement may be replaced subject to availability with us else refund will be processed.

Eligible Returns

Returns falling within above three conditions are eligible return subject to the conditions (a) Lot number or batch number mentioned in the invoice should match with the product/s to be returned; (b) Product/s to be returned should be in their original packing, with price tags, labels, bar code or any other item attached to product/s; (c) Partially consumed products are not eligible for return; (d) Product/s which requires specific storage conditions or perishable in nature are not eligible for return; (e) Placing wrong orders doesn’t eligible for return.


Send your issue/complaint at by an email describing the nature of issue/complaint within 7 days of receiving the shipping package. For any issue/complaint received after 7 days of receiving package/s, we reserve right to cancel the issue/complaint.

Please attach an image of shipping package & product/s you received, facilitating to trace out the error.

In the event of frivolous and unjustified complaints regarding quality or content of the product, we reserve the right to cancel issue /complaint.

On receiving your issue/complaint, we will verify the same within 3 to 5 working days and on finding it genuine, we will initiate our action for return or refund process. Once the complaint is verified as genuine and reasonable, we will intimate you. If required, you will be requested to send back the product/s to us by any genuine courier/cargo service (presently, we have no arrangement of reverse collection).

On receiving your consignment, a refund will be initiated with 3 to 5 working days and your account (through which you made the payment while placing order) will be credited.


By Customer
Customer can cancel the order for the product till we ship it. Orders once shipped cannot be cancelled.

In case of cancellation of order by customer before shipping, a refund for entire amount will be initiated with 3 to 5 working days and your account (through which you made the payment while placing order) will be credited

By Dawakosh
There may be certain conditions, we are not able to accept orders and these orders needs to be cancelled. These conditions may be (a) Non availability of product or quantities ordered;  (b) In accuracies or errors in pricing information; (c) An order classified as Bulk order (bulk quantity, commercial use etc.); (d) Multiple orders placed for same product with same address; (e) Product/s ordered are not for self consumption; (f) Invalid shipping address given; (g) Any malpractice used in placing an order.

On cancellation of order by us, the refund will be for entire amount paid by you. A refund will be initiated within 3 to 5 working days and your account (through which you made the payment while placing order) will be credited

Shipping Charges

We will charge the customer towards shipping charges as charged by our logistic partner/s. In case of shipping of partial order, we will charge proportionate shipping charges.

For eligible returns, we will reimburse shipping charges on submitting image of courier receipt via email. The actual charges borne by you or shipping charges charged in invoice, whichever is less will be reimbursed.

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